All of our meat products are cut, prepared and made on-site (unless indicated otherwise). Once you have purchased fresh meat or sausage from Windmill Meats, you will notice why our products are superior to what you might find in other stores. All of our meat is cut fresh, we trim all excess fat and gristle, we don't add preservatives, by-products, or fillers to any of our products, and we make sure that what you are taking home will cook beautifully and taste great.

If you cannot see what you are looking for in our retail showcase, we most likely have it in the back. If not, feel free to give us your order, and we will be more than happy to prepare it for you in advance. Special orders are always welcome.

We take pride in selling only the highest quality of Canadian Grade AA or AAA Beef. We are able to custom cut and package your beef according to your family's needs. Some of our most popular cuts are displayed in store, and include but are not limited to:
- New York Steak
- Inside Round (Baron) Roast
- Sirloin Steak
- Rib Eye Steak
- Prime Rib Roast
- Chuck Roast/Steak
- T-bone Steak
- Beef Tenderloin
- Lean and Extra Lean Ground Beef
- Cubed Beef (stew beef)
- Beef Stirfry
People often ask us why our pork tastes so much better than anywhere else! We know our pork, and where it comes from. We are committed to keeping our pork fresh, and cutting it properly, so that it tastes great when you take it home. Some of our most popular cuts are also displayed in store and include but are not limited to:
- Pork Chops (can be cut to the thickness of your desire)
- Spareribs
- Pork Tenderloin
- Pork Butt Roast
- Pork Loin Roast
- Cubed Pork
- Ground Pork
- Pork Steaks
- Baby Back Ribs
- Pork Stifry
All of our chicken is fresh, free range,and grain-fed. We offer a full selection of poultry cuts including legs,  bone-in chicken breasts, boneless skinless chicken breasts, wings, ground chicken, chicken stirfry and whole roasting chickens. Check our "ready for dinner" and "sausages" tab to see what we have that is ready to cook and/or eat.  
We offer a variety of cuts of lamb, as well as lamb sausage and lamb kabobs. Just ask us, and we will make sure you find what you are looking for.
For your next special occasion, try our fresh free range turkey. You will never buy frozen turkey from the grocery store again! You don't need a whole turkey? Ask us about which cuts are available now, and which are available to order.
Looking for something different? Cornish hens, duck and geese are also available upon request.
Bison is known to be a healthful red meat, high in protein, but low in fat and calories. With a rich taste, bison can be prepared similarly to beef, in a variety of ways, whether for the barbeque, oven or something more elaborate. Popular with customers are Buffalo Sausage and Burgers. Contact us for availability of fresh cuts.

Why do our hams taste so good? We've perfected our ham recipe after years of experimentation and testing in our spice room. We only use natural spices, with no additives or preservatives. We offer both Bone-In and Boneless dinner hams and ham steaks. Smoked Pork Hocks and Smoked Pork Jowls are also available, and perfect for your next soup!
When you cook our bacon, you don't end up with a pan of excess water or fat. We cure and smoke our own bacon perfectly with our own special recipe, which has developed over the years. A variety of types are available, including marinated bacon steak, rind on bacon, thick sliced bacon, black forest bacon, bacon bits and slab (unsliced) bacon.
Looking for something different? Smoked and cooked whole turkeys and turkey legs are a must try!
Ever heard of beef bacon? One of our more popular items, beef bacon is a leaner and tasty alternative to regular bacon. Use it in recipes the same you would regular bacon, and you will be pleasantly surprised!
Sausages which are smoked and cooked to perfection. They can be ready to eat for crackers or ready to cook/bbq for dinner.

::: Snacking Sausage
- Regular, Hot, Honey Garlic Pepperoni
- Garlic Sausage Sticks
- Ukrainian Ham Sausage
- Kielbassa
- Gril Metworst (baked snacking sausage, not smoked)

::: Ready for BBQ/Dinner
- Farmer Mennonite Sausage
- Beef, Pork, Turkey, BBQ, European, and Cocktail Wieners
- Smokies - Regular, Beef, Bacon & Cheese, and Jalapeno & Cheese
- Regular and All Beef Rookworst
- Weisswurst (cooked, not smoked, mild flavor)
- Mexican Chorizo
- Spanish Chorizo
- Portugees Chorizo
::: Great for snacking or taking on camping trips.
- Dried Sausage, air-dried garlic sausage
- Pepper Sausage
- Buffalo Pepper Sausage
We have the best beef jerky in town!  Varieties include pepper beef jerky, teriyaki beef jerky and regular.

Beef Jerky

Made fresh throughout the week, we are constantly stocking the freezer and showcase with a variety of sausages ready to cook. Seasoned with natural spices and without fillers or preservatives, our sausages are the perfect choice for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Some of our most popular ones include:

- Pork Breakfast Sausage
- Maple Breakfast
- English bangers
- Bratwurst
- Honey Garlic Bratuwurst
- Cumberland Dinner Sausage
- Curry Bratwurst
- Fennel Sausage
- Hot Italian Sausage
- Beef Dinner Sausage
- Chicken Bratwurst
- Apple Chicken Dinner Sausage
- South African Boerwors


Short on time?  We offer a variety of items made on-site, which are ready to eat.  All you have to do is take it home, and enjoy! 

Salads (available seasonally) – Potato Salad, Pasta Salad (both with rave reviews)

BBQ Pork Ribs and BBQ chicken legs – with award winning seasonings – enjoy cold, or “heat and eat”

Kassler – Smoked and cooked pork chop – one of our best sellers!

Roast Beef – we are famous for our delicious roast beef.  Ask ahead of time, and we can make it ready and warm for your next special meal.  Or, have it sliced thinly for a quick beef on a bun!  Ask about our popular “au jus” to go with.

Ready-made meals – We have a variety of meals that have been handmade and put in the freezer fresh, so they are ready to be heated up at home and enjoyed.  Check in store, for availability.
Short on time, but you still want to do the cooking?  Great!  We offer a variety of marinated and/or seasoned items, ready to be cooked at home and added to your favorite meal.

::: Chicken

Chicken wings – available frozen, with a variety of seasonings to choose from

Marinated chicken breasts – made fresh daily, with a variety of marinades to choose from.  We have customers that travel long distances, just to pick up some of our marinated chicken breasts!

Chicken Cordon Bleu – handmade chicken breasts stuffed with smoked ham and Gouda cheese, coated with our “house” seasoned breading, ready to put in the oven.

Stuffed Chicken Breasts – made by Barber Foods, these chicken breasts are stuffed with a variety of flavors such as brie, parmesan, swiss and scallop and lobster. They are breaded and ready to bake.

Chicken Sate (kabobs) – marinated chicken tenderloin with a Mediterranean taste, ready on skewers for the bbq or oven. 

Chicken Schnitzelflattened chicken breasts, coated with our "house" breading

::: Beef

Marinated New York and Sirloin Steaks – Made fresh with our own special marinade, ready for the bbq.

Beef Sate (kabobs) – Top cuts of beef, cubed and marinated on skewers, ready for the bbq or oven.

Meatballs- a blend of extra lean ground beef and pork mixed with natural spices and rolled, ready to be cooked in soups or sauces, or by itself.  Available in small and large.

Seasoned Burgers – Our hamburger patties are made with our own recipe, and frozen fresh, ready-made for the bbq.  (Bison Burgers also available)

Rollade – Marinated and seasoned Beef roast.  Also available in Pork, or half Pork/half Beef.  A Dutch specialty. 

::: Pork

Bavarian Meatloaf – already seasoned and ready to be put directly in the oven. 

Pork Satepork cut and cubed from top quality and tender cuts, marinated and put on skewers

ShoarmaPork stirfry marinated with a Mediterranean seasoning.  Perfect in homemade donairs, wraps, stirfries, also a unique addition to spaghetti sauces!

Pork Medallion – boneless pork loin medallions, seasoned, and wrapped in bacon on skewers.

Marinated Pork Steaks – one of our most popular items:  tender and juicy pork steaks – great for the BBQ, oven or stove-top!

Marinated boneless pork chops – lean steaks, with a tasty marinade.

Pork Schnitzel – tender pork thinly flattened and coated with our “house” seasoned breading

We offer a large selection of deli meat, all natural and handmade.  Some are European specialties, others are North American favorites.  Not sure what you need? Feel free to ask for a taste before purchasing!  We will slice your sandwich meat according to your preference.

Our selection includes, but is not limited to:

- Smoked ham
- Black forest ham
- Old fashioned cooked ham
- Baked ham
- Cervelat
- Dried salami
- Hungarian salami
- Swiss salami
- Wine cervelat
- Summer Sausage
- Ham Sausage
- Beer Sausage
- Hunter Sausage
- Dutch Meatloaf
- Lyoner
- Roast Beef
- Pork Rollade (seasoned pork roast)
- Prosciutto
- Schinken Ham
- Back Bacon
- Pastrami
- Dutch Smoked Beef
- Head Cheese
- Variety of Liver Sausages
- Smoked Turkey Breast
- Oven Roasted Turkey Breast
- Oven Roasted Chicken Breast
Deli platters are perfect for special events and gatherings.  We make your deli platter fresh on the day of your event.  Choose from either meat and cheese or just meat.  Our platters can be suited for with buns, crackers or both.  Contact us for sizes and pricing.

Deli tray

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(made by us):
South African – Boerwors
Dutch –Gelderse Rookworst, Kroketten, Bitterballen, Slavinken, Runde Rookvlees, Schinken Ham, Marinated Bacon Steak , Rollade, Frikadellen
Swiss – Weisswurst, Swiss Bratwurst
German – Bratwurst, Roulladen, Schnitzel
Ukrainian/Polish – Kielbassa, Ham sausage
Variety of Pate’s:  Creamy Pate, Goose Pate, Dave’s Pate
We have a very large variety of cheeses.  Some are imported from Europe, others made locally.  Visit us in store to check out what we have in stock.  On a regular basis, we carry a variety of Havarti, Gouda, Cheddars, Soft Cheeses and Aged Cheeses.  You have the option to buy in chunks or to have it sliced.
We are constantly ordering a variety of frozen seafood from the Coast.  Selection includes scallops, halibut, salmon, and specialty items such as zoute haring,smoked mackerel.  We also make our very own smoked salmon.